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Potting Bench

Free Potting Bench Plans

Over the years I’ve had a lot of people ask about building a potting bench, so I have decided to create this page with a set of FREE Potting Bench Plans, complete with photos and all.

This is the potting bench that we are going to build.  The girls in the photo are my lovely wife Pam, and her baby Ally.

This potting bench is 48″ wide and 24″ deep.  It has a small shelf above the actual potting area.  This upper shelf is handy for storing empty pots, pruning shears, plants and other essentials.  It also has a lower shelf for keeping a stack of pots or anything else you might need in your potting area.

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If you’d like a potting bench with a lot of class, you need to check out this potting bench:

Yes, this really is a potting bench,
and this beauty has it’s very own
website.  Take a peek, you’ll find it
unique for sure!

O.K., now on with the Free Potting Bench Plans.

DSCF0020.JPG (20625 bytes)
Click on any photo to enlarge it.

Material list.  I used all pressure treated lumber, but that’s up to you.

5- 2 by 4’s, 8 feet long
2- 1 by 2’s 8 feet long.
1 sheet of 3/4″ treated plywood
15- 1-1/2″ by 5/8″ corner braces
4- 3″ by 4″ shelf brackets

These materials cost me $57.04.

Free Potting Bench Plans, Step #1.

Before you get started draw this out on paper before you cut any of your lumber to make sure I have not made any mistakes entering this information.

Cut two 2 by 4’s, 48″ long, and two 2 by 4’s, 21″ long and make two frames that look like this:

DSCF0002.JPG (26485 bytes)


The finished size of these frames should be 48″ by 24″ on the outside.

Free Potting Bench Plans, Step #2.

Cut 2 pieces of plywood 24″ by 48″.  On just one of the pieces of plywood mark out each corner 5.75″ by 3.25″ as shown on the left board in the photo below and cut out the notches.

DSCF0005.JPG (18357 bytes)
The board on the left is the bottom shelf
of the potting bench and the board on the
right is the top of the potting bench.

Using screws or nails attach the top of the potting bench to one of the 24″ by 48″  frames that you’ve assembled.  I used 1-5/8″ wood screws.

Free Potting Bench Plans, Step #3.

Now cut four 2 by 4’s, 34″ long.  These are the potting bench legs.

Lay the other 24″ by 48″ frame that you’ve assembled on the floor, lay the 24″ by 48″ piece of plywood with the notched out corners on top of the frame. (do not attach it yet).  Now insert the legs into the openings in the notched out corners so the legs stand upright.  Keeping the legs standing upright is a little tricky, an extra set of hands comes in quite handy here.

DSCF0006.JPG (16468 bytes)

Carefully set the top of the potting bench over the legs as shown above.

Making sure the legs are plumb and square with the top of the potting bench begin securing them one by one to the top of the potting bench.  I used 2-1/2″ wood screws, and I drilled pilot holes through the 2 by 4’s before starting the screws.

I put two screws down through the top of the bench into each leg, then from the side of the bench I put two more screws through the 2 by 4 frame into each leg.  Once again, make sure the legs are at a 90 degree angle to the top of the bench in each direction.

DSCF0007.JPG (22264 bytes)


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