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 Rhubarb – the Next Hot Craze in Cold Drinks

Remember when no one ever heard of Kiwi fruit? What do you think of when you think of rhubarb? How much of the world do you think has ever heard of rhubarb, let alone tasted it? It makes fantastic pies but did you know it makes an equally fantastic juice? It can be mixed with other fruit but is great just as rhubarb juice – better and more refreshing than grapefruit and it is packed with vitamins and loads of vitamin C.

I could never figure out why farmers never cultivated this wonderful, versatile and hardy plant for commercial purposes in a big way. Every old homestead still has rhubarb growing, even 80 years after the homestead is gone. Every Grandma has made rhubarb pie that is gobbled down as a seasonal delight. Other than that – it is forgotten. There are rhubarb farms out there that provide rhubarb for pies but rhubarb is still a relatively unexplored market.

Rhubarb is hardy even in the coldest climates.This hardy plant actually prefers cooler climates and makes a great cash crop where standard fruits will not grow well. It grows from a root or crown, and once planted it comes up every year for many years. The stalks of the rhubarb are what are used. You practically can’t kill this plant, even if you tried. Splitting a root into pieces produces more plants. Every year, if you chose, you could split the root up and plant more plants thus expanding your crop for the next year.

Once your crop is established on a clean growing area, weeds are crowded out. Rhubarb may give you two possible crops a year. It is not adversely affected by weather, disease or bugs to any degree.

Rhubarb goes back to 2700 BC and was used for medicinal purposes. Today it is a culinary delight. Tomorrow it will be a funky new juice!

Rhubarb is a cash crop that guarantees results. The market is in its infant stage but promises to be the wave of the future for large and small farmers.

The market has many new and interesting fruit flavors and rhubarb is on its way.

If you are looking for a new cash crop or away to expand your income try growing Rhubarb.


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