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Beginner Golden Rules:

 (most instructions refer to Microsoft WINDOWS but general rules apply to Apple, and other platforms)

  • Do Full Scan Every Week – or day is better
  • Accept  updates but choose custom mode so you look to see what you are updating. Some times uato updates download stuff you don’t want or need.
  • Back up (cd, disk) your files on a regular basis. Do not back-up ON your computer, burn a cd, click START, then PROGRAMS, then ACCESSORIES, then SYSTEM TOOLS, then FILES AND SYSTEM TRANSFER WIZARD……choose to transfer to CD
  • PRINT AOR BURN YOUR PICTURES FROM YOUR CAMERA ON A DISK. yikes. People now use their digital cameras so much. They put all their pics on their computer of their loved ones or special events and never print them off. One glitch and you could loose memories and photos forever!
  • Do NOT open email from people you do not know! -even if they use your name. Many scammers, spammers and viruses will use your name to trick you to open their virus laiden email. right click on the email and go to properties. look at the sender. Also check to see if the scanner had numerous ‘time out’ failures…delete the email if you are suspect. a funny joke from a friend is just not worth the cost of loosing your computer. Don’t forget, a friend could send a joke or pic with no idea it has a virus. If you see a FW: FW: etc…delete it
  • BE CAREFUL when visiting gaming sites, porn sites, casino sites, gambling sites, file sharing sites, warez sites, free music sites, make money fast sites, MLM sites, well, you get the idea – they are FULL of cookies and tracking/miner files that will haunt you, slow your computer down and gives you a lot of headaches..
  • Learn how to set up security on your email program, download only Headers, not messages
  • Never ‘Delete’ a program go to “Add/Remove” software in control Panel and uninstall, or use the program uninstall provided. Do not ignore this step…uninstall..never delete!
  • Do not use your main email address to sign up for things on the internet unless their PRIVACY POLICY states they do not give or sell them. Instead, create a dummy account for junkmail with hotmail or Yahoo. It is free and will not junk up your real email.
  • Do NOT send credit card, birthdate, social insurance etc., info in an email. Use only secure sites for purchases
  • Do not download FREE programs suited for APPLE computers if you do not have an APPLE computer. People do this believe it or not.
  • Do not download trial programs unless you intend to use them or buy them…uninstall them if you do. You may be dragged down by the cookies they put on your machine even if you use the trial and uninstall…If you intend on buying, great, but don’t bother with the trials.
  • Do not leave your computer on all the time or connected to the internet all the time. Your hard drive runs at a faster RPM than your car and can get very hot. You are using power. Power supplies and fans can go on you. Turn it off! You are leaving yourself open being on the internet ALL the time. You are wasting power and overusing your hard drive, fans and power supply.
  • Also when you are connected to the internet ALL the time your computer is receiving information. Check the icon on the bottom (place your curser over it) bytes received and sent. You will notice that your computer is active while you are away from it. and receiving lots of information.
  • Keep static electricity away from your computer…big trouble. It can fry your computer. Carpeted floors are terrible for computers. Put a plastic roll sheet over the carpet if you have it.. **TIP – if you have a problem with static -spray the floor with anti static laundry spray or even water.
  • Use an AD-AWARE program to delete the tracker/miner files placed on your computer by websites . Sometimes people will have 20-hundreds of these nasty files which will slow your computer right down. There are a number of these type programs out there.
  • Find out what is in your computer! Do a BELARC scan. It is FREE and will tell you Everything, right to the model number, that is on your computer. DO THIS BEFORE AND AFTER YOU TAKE YOUR COMPUTER FOR SERVICE WORK!! There are a few techies out there that will swap parts on you for better ones.   Print out your results.  BELARC FREE scanner You will love this as it will tell you everything that is on your computer, serial numbers, parts etc. It will be very helpfull when you go to get parts, printers etc. The service person will ask you what you haveand the belarc scan will tell all.
  • If you get a message pop up on your computer that says you have ‘performed an illegal act’…DON’T WORRY, lol (laugh out loud)…that does not mean you did something illegal…just reboot your computer. Your programs had a conflict. lol -this gets newbies all the time.
  • If your keys do seem to be working right. Letter not showing up, double letter etc., your keyboard is probably full of dust, crumbs or just dirt. put it upside down and shake. Do not clean with water. You can buy a can of pressurized air anywhere to blow it out. Hold your keyboard upside down and shake this way and that. Watch the junk come out. better even if you go to your computer store and buy a can of air. The canned air has a nozzle and it is great for cleaning out your computer too.
  • DEFRAG… a defrag regularly. go to START, then PROGRAMS, then ACCESSORIES, then SYSTEM TOOLS, then DEFRAGmentation. This function keeps all your files in order. It is like cleaning up a messy desk that has files all over it.


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