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Removing Saddam Was the Second Greatest Backfire Ever   by Karen Fish(Note: This is a true story but the names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

Recently, my twenty five year old friend Jenna Fromstein had a small superficial mole on her left buttock. I told her it was nothing but her doctor, Doctor Garbowicz decided that he had to operate in order to remove it and biopsy it in case it was skin cancer. Jenna went in for the surgery under general anesthetic. A week later Jenna noticed that the mole was still there. So she goes back to Dr. Garbowicz and shows him that he missed the mole by 6 inches. Dr. Garbowicz tells Jenna that he has to operate again. All Dr. Garbowicz really had to do was in his office take a small scraping from the small superficial mole and have it tested for cancer cells. If it was benign then he could leave it alone.

Jenna then went in for her second surgery. This time Dr. Garbowicz cuts Jenna right down to her pelvic bone. Two months of Hell later the wound still hadn’t closed. They couldn’t stitch it because the wound was too wide and the oozing puss would have been trapped. For two months Jenna had daily nurses’ visits. Jenna’s medical expenses were already astronomical. Then the wound became infected. The antibiotics didn’t work and gangrene set into both of her legs which Dr. Garbowicz had to amputate. Jenna is now in intensive care fighting for her life. The question is “Why did Jenna stay with Dr. Garbowicz after the first botched surgery?” That decision backfired completely.

President Bush vowed today to prevent Al Qaeda from setting up a violent radical Empire in Iraq, which he said was Osama bin Laden’s ultimate goal. Who made this goal possible? Prior to President Bush invading Iraq 3½ years ago, President Saddam Hussein made sure that not one single Al Qaeda member set foot in Iraq, and Saddam Hussein held Iran tightly in check. Why did the American people stay with President Bush after his first term in office?

There is a joke. What is the difference between God and a Doctor? A. God doesn’t think that he’s a doctor. Before the American people re elected the butcher of Washington, the BBC reported that in an interview with two BBC reporters George W. Bush said that God told him to invade Iraq. Which God? Jesus Christ preached Pacifism. He said in the Sermon on the Mount that the Bible was wrong, an eye for an eye was wrong. Jesus said that if someone punched you in the right cheek, turn your head and let him punch you in the left cheek also, like Nicole Brown Simpson. Jesus said, “Don’t hit back even in self defense.” Not that Jesus knew Nicole Brown Simpson but he did die for her sins two thousand years before she was born.

Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi who lived 2,000 years ago. Jesus created the Universe 15 billion years ago. He couldn’t fight off a few Romans in rooster hats but he created the Universe and everything in it. Jesus did not die for the sins of Ronald Goldman or Doctor Garbowicz because they were both Jewish. The Old Testament of Judaism has now metastasized into becoming the Holy Scripture of Christianity and Islam too, and these 3 religions are now leading us all against each other into nuclear world war 3, the extinction of life on Earth forever. Why did we all stick with these religions? This decision will be the final backfire unless we all switch to The World Peace Religion right now.

The chances of this happening are slim and nil. On a planet where billions of people are following the Old Testament, Psalm 2, in which God of Mount Sinai (aka Jesus Christ, God the Father, The Holy Spirit, Allah (God of Mount Sinai in Arabic), Adonai (God of Mount Sinai in Hebrew)) promises that he will send His Messiah with a rod of iron to smash every man, woman and child outside of your group like a potter’s vessel into a million pieces, the people are not interested in peace. They can’t wait for Katie Couric to report that miraculously Jesus Christ has appeared in Jerusalem and conquered the world for your religion.

The problem is that the Old Testament was written in Hebrew. It promises that the Messiah will smash all non Jews. When the Christians adopted it they changed the words “non Jews” to “non Christians”. When the Muslims adopted it they changed the words to “non Muslims”. But lets not get bogged down in technicalities. The main thing to remember is that Elvis is still in the building, Suri Cruise is alive and well and gracing the cover of Vanity Fair magazine and it’s all just a dream Jenna. Your daddy isn’t the anti Christ. 1 billion Muslims are wrong. It’s a case of mistaken identity. It was really Mother Hubbard aka Cardinal Wolsey who pulled the rug out from beneath the feet of King Henry VIII by Herman’s Hermits. She wouldn’t have a Willy or a Sam, no Sam! She married 8 Henrys. O Henry, baby. Yes, Yes, No, No, Don’t Stop! Harder! Faster! Yes, yes, Yes!! The poor little doggie had no bone.

About the Author

Karen Fish is a writer currently living in Los Angeles California. The Temple of Love The World Peace Religion




Germany to take the EU bull by the horns   by David Ben-Ariel

As 2007 fast approaches, with Germany in command of the rotating presidency of the European Union for the first half of the year, Germany is setting the stage to perform thunderous acts and stun their audience with lightning speed and awesome ability.

The German accelerant to European unification will seize the moment and ignite the imagination to consolidate the continent in their no-nonsense manner, getting down to business and wasting no time, serious that the Islamo-fascist threat targets Rome and Vienna – “Western Christian Civilization” – and that only the cross can repel the crescent. Germany will invoke and wield assistance from both industrialists and politicians, ministers of state and religion, especially the Vatican who champions Germany as the “Defender of the Faith.”

Offering a stark glimpse of where Germany will lead Europe, the world’s most powerful woman (according to Forbes), Angela Merkel, following a private meeting with the Bavarian pope – weighed in:

“We spoke about the role of Europe and I emphasised the need for a constitution and that it should refer to our Christian values,” she said. “I believe this treaty should be linked to Christianity and God because Christianity was decisive in the formation of Europe.”

Such calculated comments led to charges that Merkel resurrects ‘holy’ EU constitution row, as can be expected, but to her credit she didn’t shy away from the controversy or conceal her convictions. However, much more is at stake in the heart of Europe than first meets the eye. The German chancellor’s endorsement is only the tip of the iceberg.

Catholic politicians are going on the offensive against secular resistance to mention of Christian heritage in the Preamble of the European Constitutional Treaty with their Association of the Europe Foundation. Giorgio Salina, president of the new organization, states its purpose is to counter the “widespread and manifest hostility that Christian culture — considered a subculture — meets within European institutions, specifically, in Parliament”.

Salina is also the vice president of the Convention of Christians for Europe, who plan on meeting once or twice a year with “deputies, Christians and those sensitive to Christian, national and European values.”

Mario Mauro, vice president of the European Parliament, has stressed the importance of the foundation’s mission of building a Christian identity in Europe.

Germany’s foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has revealed that Germany has every intention of making the EU constitution a priority next year, telling German diplomats “We need a constitution as soon as possible.” The heat is on. The politicians have received their marching orders.

We can expect the Bavarian pope and his politico-religious puppets to forge ahead with their plans to remodel Europe after the “holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.” Sound far-fetched? Not at all. Laying the foundation for it in fertile minds, helping to shape public perception and policy, just in time for Germany’s ascension to the throne, Germany hosts An Empire Revisited 200 Years After Its Demise. Germany’s information services describes it as “two major retrospectives featuring historic documents and artifacts in Berlin and Magdeburg, along with several related exhibits in Frankfurt and other cities, aim to bring this empire back to life 200 years after it was declared dead in Vienna by Kaiser Franz II in the Europe of Napoleon.”

Yet some, failing to connect the dots, or unable to believe that truth is stranger than fiction or Germany capable of backsliding, lament The clothes have no emperor, that Europe “does not, it cannot, seem to speak with one voice: it cannot even agree to speak through one person…to speak collectively with a single voice…the advantages of speaking and acting authoritatively with the collective weight of the world’s largest trading bloc are so self-evident and overwhelming …”.

Germany will get down to the brass tacks and prepare the way for the emperor to fill the clothes that yet hang limp. Europe’s strong man, with the pope’s promotion, will emerge as the grand design demands. However, Europe is not only taking a monumental risk that such a leader will always adhere to its ideals, it is gambling with world peace. Is a world dictator about to appear? Based upon both the Bible and history, I would say, yah.
About the Author

David Ben-Ariel is a Christian-Zionist writer and author of Beyond Babylon: Europe’s Rise and Fall. With a focus on the Middle East and Jerusalem, his analytical articles help others improve their understanding of that troubled region. Check out the Beyond Babylon blog.



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