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DATABASE OF STATE INCENTIVES FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY Contains Detailed State-by-State Information on Government and Private Programs that Help People and Businesses get Energy Efficient Incentives.

ASK AN ENERGY EXPERT A specialist at the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse (EREC) Will Respond by Mail, E-mail, or Telephone as Soon as Possible.


 Alliance To Save Energy

American Council For An Energy-Efficient Economy
Association Of Energy Services Professionals
 British Wind Energy Association
 Caddet Renewable Energy
 California Energy Commission Appliance Efficiency Database
 Calstart Electric Vehicle Consortium
 Canadian Wind Energy Association
 Cranfield Wind Turbine Research Group
 Database Of State Incentives For Renewable Energy
Department Of Energy (Doe)
Florida Sustainable Communities Center
 El Paso Solar Energy Association
 Energy And The Environment Resources
 Energy Efficient Building Association
 Energy Efficiency And Renewable Energy Network
 Energy Foundation
 Energy Information Administration
 Energy Technology Data Exchange
Environmental Data Interactive Exchange
 Florida Solar Energy Center
 Fraunhofer Institute For Solar Energy
 Fuel Cells 2000
 Global E-Sustainability Initiative
 (Geni) Global Energy Network International
 Institute Of Energy And Sustainable Development
 International Economic Platform For Renewable Energies (Iwr)
 International Energy Agency
 International Institute For Sustainable Development
 International Network For Sustainaable Energy
 International Society For Industrial Ecology
 International Solar Energy Society
 Interstate Renewable Energy Council
 Louisiana State Environmental Resource And Information Center
 National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Natural Spaces Domes
 Office Of Energy Research (Er), U.S. Department Of Energy
 R. Buckminster Fuller
Resources For The Future
Renewable Energy – Doe Energy Information Administration
 Renewable Energy Policy Project
 Renewable Energy Research Laboratory
 Renewable Resource Data Center
Rocky Mounain Institute

Solar Energy Systems
 Standord Geothermal Program
 Sustainable Architecture Building & Culture
 Sustainable Communities Network
 Sustainable Development Dimensions
 Sustainable Development Institute
 Sustainable Development On Campus
 Sustainable Energy And Economy Network
 Sustainable Minnesota
 The Greentie Directory

 Un Energy & Environment
 University Of California Energy Institute
 University Of Wisconsion Madison College Of Engineering’S Solar Energy Lab (Sel)

 Wind Turbine Research Group
 World Business Council For Sustainable Development
 World Energy Efficiency Association (Weea)
Renewable Energy NewsGroups:
 Agriculture — Miscellaneous
Agriculture — Science
Agriculture — Sustainable
Earth First!
Environment — Science

Environment — Talk
Home Power Energy
Mother Jones – Environmental Activism
Renewable Energy – General Topics
Science And Energy
Solar Photovoltaic
Solar Thermal
Center for Sustainable and Environmental Management
Center for Sustainable Design
CSD homepage
The Danish 92 Group – Rio 10
Fund for Peace: Human Rights and Business Roundtable
Global Sullivan Principles
Global Reporting Initiative
Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development
International Institute for Sustainable Development
Johannesburg World Summit Company
Stakeholder Forum for Our Common Future
 Sustainable Development International
Sustainable Development Research Institute
Sustainable Energy Development Authority
United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development
WHO World Health Report 2000
 World Wide Web Library on Sustainable Development


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